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An Open Data Repository and a Data Processing Software Toolset of an Equivalent Nordic Grid Model Matched to Historical Electricity Market Data

Publication date: Available online 13 February 2017
Source:Data in Brief
Author(s): L. Vanfretti, S.H. Olsen, V.S. Narasimham Arava, G. Laera, A. Bidadfar, T. Rabuzin, Sigurd H. Jakobsen, J. Lavenius, M. Baudette, F.J. Gómez-López
This article presents an open data repository, the methodology to generate it and the associated data processing software developed to consolidate an hourly snapshot historical data set for the year 2015 to an equivalent Nordic power grid model (aka Nordic 44), the consolidation was achieved by matching the model’s physical response w.r.t historical power flow records in the bidding regions of the Nordic grid that are available from the Nordic electricity market agent, Nord Pool.The model is made available in the form of CIM v14, Modelica and PSS/E (Siemens PTI) files. The Nordic 44 model in Modelica and PSS/E were first presented in the paper titled “iTesla Power Systems Library (iPSL): A Modelica library for phasor time-domain simulations” (L. Vanfretti, T. Rabuzin, M. Baudette, M. Murad, 2016) [1] for a single snapshot. In the digital repository being made available with the submission of this paper [2], a total of 8760 snapshots (for the year 2015) that can be used to initialize and execute dynamic simulations using tools compatible with CIM v14, the Modelica language and the proprietary PSS/E tool are provided. The Python scripts to generate the snapshots (processed data) are also available with all the data in the GitHub repository [2].This Nordic 44 equivalent model was also used in iTesla project [3] to carry out simulations within a dynamic security assessment toolset [4], and has been further enhanced during the ITEA3 OpenCPS project [5]. The raw, processed data and output models utilized within the iTesla platform [4] are also available in the repository. The CIM and Modelica snapshots of the “Nordic 44” model for the year 2015 are available in a Zenodo repository.

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