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A Global Bibliometric Analysis of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Literature



Bibliometrics uses analysis of content and citations of journal articles to quantify trends in published data. We aim to use bibliometric analysis to identify the global contribution by country to the ENT surgical literature over a five-year period.

Data Source

The top 20 countries for number of articles published in surgery and the 11 English Language Otolaryngology surgical journals with the highest impact factors (IF) were included. Numbers of scientific articles per year (2009-2013) per country for each journal were identified through PubMed. As a marker of quality, a mean IF for each country was calculated, using number of articles and journal IF. This data was compared against population, GDP and dollars spent on research.


In total, 10,574 articles were included. The USA was the largest contributor, with 4462 articles published over 5 years. The second largest was the UK (1215 articles). Spain’s mean IF was 2.136, followed by Taiwan (2.110). The Netherlands (19.7) and the UK (18.9) had the highest number of publications per million population (PMP). When considering overall research spending per country, Greece had the most cost-effective publication output. The least cost-effective country was Japan. India, Greece and Japan had the greatest increase in publication quality.


Bibliometric analysis can be used to identify not only major centres of English language ENT surgical research, such as the USA and UK but centres that are producing high-quality data, such as Spain, and cost-effective research, such as the UK. It can also highlight areas of increasing success in ENT research.

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