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Stapes prosthesis length and hearing outcomes


First, to determine if prosthesis length plays a role in optimizing successful hearing outcomes in stapedotomy surgery; and second, to determine if patient factors such as height are correlated with prosthesis length.

Study Design

Retrospective chart review.


Retrospective chart review of patients undergoing stapedotomy surgeries with adequate follow up. Length of prosthesis, pre-/postoperative audiograms, and follow-up data were obtained.


The primary group consisted of 227 cases. The prosthesis length ranged from 3.75 mm to 4.75 mm (median 4.25 mm). The greatest improvement in postoperative air–bone gap (ABG) occurred in the 4.25 mm group, and the least in the 3.75 mm group. Patient height showed a positive, although weak, correlation with prosthesis length. No findings reached statistical significance.


Accurate measurement of prosthesis length is important for successful postoperative hearing outcomes. There is a positive but not significant correlation between patient height and prosthesis length.

Level of Evidence

4. Laryngoscope, 2017

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